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So you’re off to China! Kudos to you! You are indeed one of the fortunate ones who are in for a real treat. You will get to see the unusual mix of the very old and the very new. You will be exposed to a culture and lifestyle very different than our own. And arguably most importantly, you will s......

Sep 2019

The immediate answer to the question is a forceful YES! While there have been some overblown media instances of allegedly dangerous confrontations between foreigners and Chinese authorities, they should deter no one from journeying to the world’s most populous nation. Celebrated court cases......

Sep 2019
MyUTOtrips #1 Amber, Soergel

My husband served 28 years in the US Army and it was hard on his body. He's had major spinal surgery and one knee replacement. Then, he started getting treatment for Alzheimer's disease (at only 64 years old). We're in a hurry to make as many memories as possible while we still ......

Dec 2020
MyUTOtrips #2 Sheila, Farid

I went to China with my husband, my brother, and my sister in law last year around December 2019. UTO members were very professional , respectful, and organized. I felt that we are in good hands. The memory of beautiful nature ,culture, tea village are unforgettable. 

Dec 2020
MyUTOtrips #3 Kimberley, Forde

My mom and I visited China using UTO Vacations. We are from Trinidad and Tobago where we have a wonderful cosmopolitan mix of races with a unique culture. As such, I was already somewhat pre-disposed to Chinese cuisine and practices…or so I though.

Dec 2020

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